How to choose a domain name?

Choose a name that tells who you are or what you do. Of course, it is good to have a name that is easy to memorise. On the other hand, nowadays most people trust search engines, e.g. Google, much more than their own memory. A well chosen domain name helps you gain higher ranking in largest seach engines making your website easier to find.

Every domain name is unique. There are no two identical names on the internet (they can be confusingly similar though). Therefore the first name that comes to your mind most probably will be already taken by somebody else. Don’t despair and don’t waste your time crying over a name you cannot get. Remember that success will depend on how you promote your domain.

Few simple tips:

  • Check what extentions are available for the name of your choice. If, for example, under .lv it is already registered, look at alternatives - .eu, .com or any other relevant top level domain.
  • Consider synonyms.
  • If the name you wish to register consists of several names it might be good to register serveral addresses - separating the words with a hyphen (-) and all the words as one word.
  • If you register a general term as your domain name then it is advisable to register also your company name and trade marks. Choose, which of the names will be the primary domain of your company, and redirect all other domain names to the primary one.
  • Run an international business? Then register your domain name under internationally recognised top level domains .com and .eu.
  • Consider also registering domain names with the most common spelling/typing mistakes. But do not overdo it. If your domain name is so complicated that people can’t spell it right then maybe it is worth to choose an easier option.